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Over the years the Duo has created and performed many successful concert programs, in renowned stages in the Netherlands and abroad, such as Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, de Harmonie in Leeuwarden, het Odeon Theater in Zwolle and Museu Dos Coches in Lisbon.

Now amongst other things, they perform a program called "Music without borders", featuring music from all around the world. They bring people together showing that different cultures express the same emotions. The western classical repertory as the pillar of the concert combined with music from South America, Africa and other parts of the world.

The Duo would love to elevate your special occasion with their music. With a diverse repertoire that can serenade your love on your wedding day or provide solace during times of loss, we are here to make every occasion the experience you want. Our extensive list of musical selections is tailored to suit the unique essence of each special event.

At a business meeting or during a dinner, background music can set the atmosphere. The Duo has a lot of experience performing as background music. Amongst others, the Duo performed during the Congress of the European Mayors in 2022 that took place in Zwolle.

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